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Nomag ®IC MR kompatibel inkubatorLMT Medical Systems

MRI diagnostics for premature births

The MRI Diagnostics Incubator System Nomag® IC produce MRI images of premature babies and newborns gently and free from complications. The little patients lie protected and comfortable inside the incubator.

The clinic saves time and money

The handling is simple: premature babies only need to be moved to another bed briefly for the MRI examination – from the incubator in the children’s clinic neonatal ICU to the Nomag® IC. The entire MRI examination is therefore significantly easier on the children and they are considerably quieter. Paediatricians, radiologists and paediatric nurses are considerably relieved of their workload and costs are optimised.

LMT Medical Systems Nomag ®IC MR kompatibel inkubator

Magnetic resonance imaging meets neonatology

The growing number of tiny premature babies with a birth weight of < 1,500 g and the increasing group of children with complex defects places the highest demands on radiologists and neonatologists in Neonatal Intensive Care, and means constantly new and additional challenges for medical technology.


Enormous advances have been made in the last few years in magnetic resonance imaging diagnostics, especially in the field of the nervous system for newborns and premature babies. Countless new developments in the field of non-invasive examination methods, such as MRI Spectroscopy, diffusion imaging and functional MRI (fMRI) are opening up new and improved diagnostic possibilities for paediatrics.


A sophisticated, highly-innovative system for MRI examinations on the tiniest patients is offered by the MRI Diagnostics Incubator System Nomag ®IC by LMT Medical Systems.


  • No radiation exposure
  • Minimal handling of patients
  • Time-optimized implementation with maximal security
  • Improved, secure diagnostic opportunities


The technical design of the Nomag® IC meets the highest neonatal demands with regard to the regulation of temperature and humidity. The device is suitable for patients with a weight of up to approx. 4,500 g and a head circumference of up to approx. 40 cm.