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Airtraq video laryngoscopes


Airtraq video laryngoscopeAirtraq

Guided video intubation

Simple, effective, affordable video laryngoscopy.

A complete solution with two models that complement each other.


How Airtraq simplifies video laryngoscopy:

  • Airtraq’s channel simplifies ETT insertion reducing intubation time.
  • No stylet needed. Avoids potential injuries. Eliminates stylet costs.
  • 90º shape minimizes hyperextension and reduces force required.
  • Reduces hemodynamic reactivity.
  • Facilitates intubation from any position (face to face, etc.).
  • High intubation success rate in difficult airways.
  • Easier to learn than other video laryngoscopes.


Airtraq visualization options


Airtraq improves routine intubations and is especially effective for:

  • Cervical immobilization
  • Obese
  • Awake
  • In combination with a fiberscope
  • Frontal or lateral intubation
  • Poor dentition



Airtraq - Two complementary models for one complete solution


AIRTRAQ AVANT – video laryngoscope

  • For routine intubations
  • Minimum cost per intubation
  • Disposable blades + Reusable optics
  • Docking station
  • Zero maintenance costs
  • Can be used in MRI

AIRTRAQ SP – video laryngoscope

  • For remote locations and emergencies
  • Ready to use. Open and intubate
  • Fully disposable
  • Portable
  • All-in One
  • From neonates to adults