A new generation of home sleep tests

ZOLL Itamar’s innovative, home sleep apnea testing devices are now part of Medidyne’s product portfolio. The state-of-the-art devices allow for more patients to perform sleep tests at home with highly comfortable, user-friendly, and accurate equipment.

Medidyne has become distributor for ZOLL Itamar in the Nordics. ZOLL Itamar has built the WatchPAT, a pioneering home sleep apnea testing (HSAT) technology that makes at home sleep testing simple, accurate and reliable. The solution is clinically validated, has a study success rate of more than 98%, and prevents up to 20% of misdiagnoses with true sleep time. This makes sleep testing more convenient and pleasant for patients and saves a lot of time for medical staff.

“WatchPAT is a well validated solution, and quite a popular one, for the diagnosis of sleep disordered breathing in the global market. After nearly two decades of activity, the technology still remains uniquely innovative, and continues to show impressive results when it comes to the extensiveness and accuracy of the clinical data provided. We are very much looking forward to the collaboration with Medidyne, and to seeing what a difference WatchPAT will make for medical staff and patients in the Nordics.”
Lior Solomon, Country Manager at ZOLL Itamar

The WatchPAT solution improves sleep testing both for patients and medical staff: The devices use only three points of contact; wrist, finger and chest, and no airway equipment, chest belts, scalp electrodes or similar equipment associated with traditional home sleep apnea testing. This highly improves patient comfort.

The solution is also accurate, transfers data quickly, and provides an automated report in seconds for healthcare personnel to diagnose faster and start treatment faster. Ultimately, this saves a lot of time for staff in sleep units in hospitals and sleep clinics: More patients can be tested and monitored at home, and data transfers and sleep analyses are handled easier and faster.

The WatchPAT HSAT from ZOLL Itamar comes in two versions: The reusable WatchPAT 300 and the WatchPAT One for single use.

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